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Projecta 12V 25 Amp Battery Charger


FEATURES Switchmode Technology. Switchmode technology uses compact electronic components allowing the charger to be lightweight and compact without sacrificing on performance.

Intelligent 7 Stage Charging The 7 stage process provides sophisticated charging and maintenance giving your battery longer life and increased run time and performance. The 7 stages include: (1) desulphation, (2) soft-start, (3) bulk (4) absorption, (5) battery test, (6) recondition and (7) float. Constant electronic monitoring ensures optimum and accurate charging every time. Adjustable Output.

The charger provides a comprehensive display of charge modes and stages while in operation. The display can be used to program the charger for use with various types of batteries Gel, AGM, Wet and Calcium and can be used as a 12 Volt Power Supply IC2500 7 Stage Automatic 12V 25A Battery Charger Switchmode.

Versatile and electronically controlled, the IC2500 maximises battery life and performance, delivering a comprehensive and accurate charge.

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Intelli-Charge battery chargers use intelligent electronics to monitor the charging process and deliver an advanced 7-stage charge to your battery. 7-stage charging is a very comprehensive and accurate charging technique that gives your battery longer life and better performance compared to using traditional chargers.

Projecta Intelli-Charge battery chargers feature short circuit protection, Designed to prevent the output leads from sparking during charging from accidental reverse connection or short circuit, Projecta gives you peace of mind that the charger will remain safe at all times.

The multi chemistry function allows you to set the charging profile to suit the battery’s chemistry type (GEL, AGM, WET and Calcium). This ensures correct and thorough charging and maximises battery performance and battery life.

All Intelli-Charge chargers feature user-friendly displays so you can quickly customise the charge settings and monitor the charger’s performance. What’s more, the chargers remember the last settings used even when the power has been turned off.

Constructed from extruded aluminium, Intelli-Charge battery chargers are shock-proof, dust-proof and have been rigorously vibration tested and passed both a military and caravan standard.

In addition, the circuit boards have been conformal coated to protect against moisture and dust and other elements so they are suitable for use in a range of locations.


  • PART NO. IC2500
  • TYPE 7 Stage Intelligent Automatic
  • INPUT 240V, 50Hz, 792W
  • OUTPUT 2, 6, 12, 25Amps Constant (Bulk)
    • Desulphation: High Frequency Pulse charge up to 11 V
    • Soft Start: Half the rated set current up to 12V
    • Bulk: 15A 14.1 V Gel 14.4 V AGM 14.7 V Wet 14.7 V Calcium
    • Absorption: Constant voltage until current drops to: 2 Amp settings – 0.3A, 6 Amp setting – 0.9A, 12 Amp settings – 1.8A, 25 Amp settings – 3.75A
    • Recondition: Constant current (0.3-3.75A) for 4 Hours limited to 14.1 Gel 14.4 AGM 16 V Wet 16 V Calcium
    • Float: 13.7V
    • APPROVALS Electrical Safety, EMC.


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